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As announced in April 2017, MIT is upgrading its network to enable the use of the next generation of internet addressing, IPv6. It is also consolidating in-use IPv4 address space to facilitate the sale of excess IPv4 capacity.

The first batch of IPv4 addresses included in the sale was transferred out of MITnet in April 2017. A second batch was transferred in June 2017. The third transfer occurred in June 2018. The MITnet public IP address range is now through ( in CIDR notation).

Devices currently using static IP addresses will need to switch to using DHCP to continue connecting to MITnet. Static IP address assignments will be replaced with permanent DHCP reservations as needed. IS&T support staff plan to be on-site within each building to assist with device configuration changes prior to and immediately following renumbering events.

If your device needs:

  • to be online for web browsing, communicating via email, dropbox syncing, or Pharos printing - this shouldn’t affect you. Once you connect with DHCP after the renumbering, you'll automatically receive an IP address in the new range for your building.
  • to be reachable from outside MIT because you are providing a service from your computer - you should contact IS&T for an assessment of your ongoing addressing needs.

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September 26, 2019

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