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MIT Zoom Phone Service Call Tree Management

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A call tree is a call routing system that gives the caller a menu of choices and routes their call accordingly.

Users with call tree accounts can now update their own call tree details without contacting the service desk, however new call trees must still be requested.

Note that call tree accounts cannot appear on any devices.

Obtaining a New Call Tree

  • Contact the Service Desk to request a new call tree. Please provide the following information:
    • Call Tree Description
    • Caller ID
    • Account Owner(s)
    • Account Administrator(s) (where applicable)

Please note that you will be able to update these fields after the account has been created and assigned to you.

Managing Your Call Tree Account Details

  1. Login to the voip self-service portal.
    Result: Depending on how many accounts you own, you'll either see a card or list view of your accounts. Call trees are identified by the call tree icon, .

  2. Click on the and select Account Details
  3. From there you can set your call tree's caller ID information and description.
    The description is what appears in the list of your accounts. It is especially helpful in keeping track of which call tree is which when you own many or are nesting call trees to create a sub-menu experience.

Managing Your Call Tree

  1. Login to the voip self-service portal.
    Result: Depending on how many accounts you own, you'll either see a card or list view of your accounts. Call trees are identified by the call tree icon, .

  2. In list view, click on the far right call tree icon and in Card view click the gear icon to edit your Call Tree Settings.
    Result: The Call Tree Settings page opens.
  3. From the Call Tree Settings page you can specify call tree actions for each selection, specify phone numbers, add descriptions for phone numbers, and upload your announcement. See below for more information on each option.

Greeting Announcements

The messages heard when a user reaches your call tree. Be sure to specify the available options as well as anything you'd like the user to know about the number they have reached.


An .mp3 or .wav file.

If you need help recording an announcement file, please contact the Service Desk.

Text to Speech Announcements

  1. Create a text-to-speech greeting for the call tree using your Zoom User account as you normally would for your user account. See: Zoom Phone Service: Setup and Greeting.
  2. Download that greeting from the "Audio Library" screen using the download button.

    Result: It will download as an .mp3 file. Be sure you switch your personal greeting back to being your personal greeting once you're done downloading the call tree greeting you made. You probably don't want the call tree greeting on your user account.
  3. Go to the VoIP Admin Console to upload the .mp3 greeting to your call tree.
    1. Login at
    2. Click on the phone number for your call tree.
      Result: The "Edit Account" screen opens.

    3. Click "Upload a new announcement file"

      Result: You can now drag and drop or click the paperclip icon to upload the mp3 file you created earlier. Once you upload the announcement, your call tree will use the new greeting.

Available Actions

  • 0 - 9: "transfer" or "no action"
  • *  #: "repeat menu" or "no action"

Phone Numbers

Phone number requirements:

  • MIT extensions can be used but full ten digit numbers are recommended
  • Numbers outside of MIT are allowed
  • Only numbers are permitted to be entered.


A note field where you can specify information about the phone number for ease of call tree management. This does not appear as Caller ID information, nor is it visible anywhere except in this system to assist with call tree management.

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

  • Can I download a copy of files I've uploaded for announcements or greetings?
    No. Zoom does not currently support downloading of the uploaded audio/video file. Users should save copies of any uploaded files.
  • Can I create a call tree that has different options scheduled at different days/times?
    No, time dependent call trees are not supported.
  • Can I create a call tree with "Sub-menus" - e.g. Being able to specify on the call tree page that pressing the "2" key then prompts the user with another menu?
    Not directly, but you can have a call tree direct a caller to another call tree. This will effectively cause them to have a sub-menu experience.

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March 23, 2023

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