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Getting Connected

MITnet is MIT's campus-wide computer network, connecting the MIT community and guests to thousands of workstations, servers, printers, mobile devices, and electronic resources of every kind located on- and off-campus. You can access the network from on campus via high-speed wired or wireless Ethernet, and from off-campus via an external ISP (Internet Service Provider). This article helps you get connected to MITnet from wherever you are. All network users are expected to follow the MITnet Rules of Use.

Wired Ethernet connection

If you are on campus and have access to a wired Ethernet connection, you can connect to MITnet. See How do I configure my computer to connect to MITnet via a wired Ethernet connection?.

Wireless connection

MIT students, faculty, staff or affiliates with a valid Kerberos ID may access the MIT SECURE wireless network. The network uses the wireless protected access (WPA2) protocol to encrypt all of the network traffic between your computer and the MIT wireless network controllers (located in secure MIT data centers).

To learn how to connect to MIT SECURE, see How do I connect to MIT SECURE wireless?.

MIT GUEST is an unencrypted network intended for short-term use by visitors and guests to MIT. Visitors connecting to MIT GUEST will be required to provide an email address or mobile phone number to access the network.

To learn how to connect to MIT GUEST, see The MIT GUEST Wireless Network.

Off campus connection

This option is only available to MIT students, faculty, staff or affiliates with a valid Kerberos ID.

Choose the option that applies to you:

Off-campus fraternity, sorority or independent living group (FSILG)

MIT fraternity, sorority and independent living group (FSILG) houses have a direct fiber connection to MITnet much like the connectivity of on-campus buildings.

FSILG Network Information contains more information about connecting to MITnet from a FSILG house.

Remote connection via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

IS&T recommends and supports Prisma Access VPN

Connecting printers to the MIT Network

For detailed instructions on connecting a printer to MITnet, please see Set Up a Printer on MITnet.

Can I use a WIFI printer?

No, using the printer's WIFI capabilities is not allowed on MIT's wireless network.

Permanent Reserved IP Address

How do I register for DHCP service with a permanent reserved IP address?

See also

Additional escalation information for Service Desk Staff can be found here: [hd:MIT Network Recon].

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 12, 2023

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