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MIT Kerberos Accounts - Registration Help

This page outlines errors that may occur during Kerberos account registration. If you need to learn how to register for your Kerberos account, visit this page: How do I register for an MIT Kerberos account?

Registration interrupted

If you got interrupted before Duo setup, that's okay. Just go back to the account registration page and sign in again. It will look you up, and pick up where you left off. If you're interrupted during Duo setup, contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

Account not found in database

Accounts are automatically created only for enrolled students and for direct employees of MIT. The registration page is particular about spelling, and needs you to capitalize your name in the same manner that is stored in the central system. Type your MIT ID number with just numbers - do not put dashes in.  If you know that you are a student or an employee, but the system can't find you, contact MIT Kerberos Accounts.

If you are at MIT but not currently enrolled in courses nor a direct employee of MIT, you will need to have a faculty or staff sponsor contact MIT Kerberos Accounts with the following information:

  • Your full name, and
  • Your MIT ID number, if you have one, or Your birthday (MM/DD, not year) if you don't yet have an MIT ID number.

Your Session is no longer active

If you did not leave the browser open for a very long time, then you probably have your browser set to reject cookies. Please allow the page to set cookies to maintain the login session with the registration server.

Link Expired

If you are an incoming non-Sloan graduate student, you will be asked to use a unique registration link sent to you via email. If link expired (is over 2 weeks old) contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

Account services

Keep in mind that you have to wait overnight for your account to become fully active. Your account gives you access to a variety of computer services. A partial list:

  • MIT's central email services
  • Online services based on web certificates
  • Login access to Athena and computers


Contact the IS&T Service Desk for further assistance.

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July 07, 2023

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