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MECM - SCCM - Collections

Collections allow you to create a group of machine(s) with similar characteristics. These collections can then by used to distribute software to or create queries from. By default you will have a top level collection containing all of the MECM installed machines in your department. You will generally only use device collections and not user collections.

Create a New Collection

  1. Under Assets and Compliance you will see Device Collections. Right click and select Create Device Collection.

  2. Give the collection an appropriate name, such as Test Computers. Next to "limiting collection" select Browse and select your department. Click OK, then Next to get to the membership rules screen.

  3. Click Add Rule in the middle of the screen. You will then choose either a Direct Rule or a Query Rule.

A direct rule will allow you to target a specific computer, a great way to set up one machine to be updated. A query rule will return a group of machines based on criteria.

Create a Direct Rule

  1. To create a direct rule select Direct Rule from the dropdown. This will open a new wizard.
  2. Click Next on the first screen.

  3. By default it selects "name." Enter the hostname in the value box that you are creating the direct rule for, such as itdms-sccm-cl1.

  4. Click Next. Select the box on the next screen for the hostname. If the machine isn't listed, be sure the hostname is correct and the MECM client is installed on the machine.

  5. Click Next, Next, and then Close. This will bring you back to the original screen, where you can click Next, Next, and then Close this screen as well. You can now click on device collections and see the new collection listed.

Create a Query Based Rule

  1. To create a query based rule select Query Rule from the dropdown. This will open a new wizard.

  2. You can edit this query rule following the instructions on the query page.
  3. Once you have created your rule click OK, Next, Next, and Close.

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