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Enable a Waiting Room for Zoom Meetings

Starting September 27th, Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. For more information, see:

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The Waiting Room lets the host control which participants join the meeting. Attendees stay in the virtual waiting room until the host admits them into the room. Undesired attendees can be left in the waiting room indefinitely.

It can be difficult to determine who participants are if they join as a guest, call in, or have an unexpected Zoom account name. Encourage MIT attendees to authenticate their MIT Zoom account using Touchstone Authentication so you know who they are when they appear in the waiting room.

There are two ways in which to enable a waiting room in Zoom, which are discussed below.

Option 1: Settings

  1. Go to your profile settings page at:
  2. If prompted, authenticate via Touchstone Authentication.
  3. Turn on"Waiting Room".

Result: By default your meetings will only allow users who have authenticated with MIT Touchstone and they will be put in a waiting room until your admit them to your meeting. You are now far less likely to be Zoombombed.

Option 2: When Scheduling a Meeting

  1. Start Zoom
  2. Click the Schedule button.
  3. Open the Advanced Options at the bottom-left.

  4. Enable the "Waiting Room" option at the bottom.

  5. Be sure to click Schedule to schedule your meeting.
    Result: Your meeting is scheduled, and your participants will have to wait to be allowed into the meeting by the host. For instructions on using host controls for waiting rooms, see Using a Waiting Room with Zoom Rooms.

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