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Email Forwarding Instructions

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You can send your MIT email to another account one of two ways.

  • Forward - sends your mail to another address you specify.
  • Split - sends mail to another address you specify and keeps a copy in your MIT email account.
    You will need to maintain both accounts or risk going over quota and causing your email to bounce from the account that has gone over quota.

The instructions below explain how to forward, split or undo forwarding/splitting via a simple web interface. For more advanced options, see: How can I forward my MIT email to another email address?

Use SIPB's Mailto Web Application to Set Up Email Forwarding or Splitting

The Mailto Web Application is not an IS&T Supported service. If it breaks, IS&T is unable to take any direct action to fix it beyond reporting the outage. Contact SIPB at to report any outages, issues or feedback.

Created by the Student Information Processing Board, this web application allows you to securely setup email forwarding or splitting for your MIT email from your web browser.

Forward Your Email

To setup forwarding:

  1. Navigate to the web app at
    Mail Forwarding home page.
  2. Click the "Login with WebAthena" button
  3. Enter your Kerberos username and password, and click login
    Result: You will be prompted to allow WebAthena access to learn your email and modify your settings.
    Request for permission for webathena to view email and mailing lists.
  4. Click Allow to get your WebAthena ticket and login
  5. If you want to forward all of your mail to a non-MIT.EDU address (for example, if you want to get all your MIT mail sent to your MEDIA.MIT.EDU,, or address instead), just enter it in the box and update.
    Mail Fowarding website with external email listed.
    Result: Your changes will be displayed and mail should begin forwarding within a minute.

It may take a minute or two for the forwarding to take effect - longer if there are a number of other people making changes at the same time. In the meantime, you should continue checking your MIT email account.

Carefully check your email address
The application does not actually check to see if the address you specify exists or is correct, only if it is entered in a correct format of username@hostname. If there is no such mailing address, you will not receive mail, and any mail sent to you will be bounced back to the original sender.

Split Your Email

If you wish to SPLIT your email (keep a copy of your mail in your MIT account and send a copy elsewhere):

  1. Click on the word "Instead"
    Mail Forwarding website with In addition selected.
    Result: "Instead will change to "In addition"
  2. Enter your email address to split to and click update
    Mail Forwarding website with emails listed.

   Result: You will be presented with your changes

Turning off Email Forwarding or Splitting

These instructions use SIPB's Mailto web application

After you have successfully logged in (see details above), you can click the "Restore default settings" link at the bottom of the page.

Result: Your mail will be unforwarded/unsplit.

Check Your Forwarding Status

Login to SIPB's Mailto web application application (see details above). The login screen will inform you of your current mail forwarding status.

See also


  • If you receive an error message logging into that says: Cross-realm is not supported! please try logging in with your Kerberos username without the

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May 15, 2018

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