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Duo Remember My Device for 30 Days FAQ

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Q: How do I forget the Duo setting to Remember My Device for 30 Days?

The setting is stored as a cookie named api-nnnnnnnn.duosecurity.com1 or Find and delete the cookie in your browser. Upon next launch of a Duo-enabled site, you will be prompted to authenticate with Duo.

For browser-specific instructions on how to access its saved cookies, please see:

Q: How do I set Duo to prompt me for two-factor authentication only once every 30 days?

  1. Navigate to any page where you will be prompted to authenticate via Touchstone and choose the method of authentication that you prefer. All of these will also prompt you for DUO Two Factor authentication.
    Initial Touchstone Authentication
  2. Once you are in the Duo Authentication page, click the check box at the bottom that reads Remember me for 30 days.
    Duo Factor Authentication
  3. After you have fully authenticated, your browser will not require you to do this again when you come back at a later session (within the 30 day period).
    Duo logging in automatically

Q: I have selected Remember My Device for 30 Days. Why am I still being prompted for Duo authentication?

The Remember My Device feature relies on a browser cookie from Your Internet browser must allow cookies from the domain to be stored on your computer in order for the feature to work. 

  • Cookie settings can be found in Safari under Safari > Preferences > Privacy
  • In Firefox by going to Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Firefox Will: Use Custom Settings for History
  • In Internet Explorer at Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. Adjust the slider for the Internet zone to allow third-party cookies to be stored.
  • In Chrome under Settings >  Show advanced settings > Content settings

Q: Can I tell how many days remain in the 30 day window?

By inspecting the cookie, it may be possible to determine the expiration date for a particular cookie.

Firefox example
Firefox browser cookie inspection window

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June 28, 2016

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