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Creating a New Block

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Creating a New Block

  1. From the Admin menu, click Structure, then Blocks.
  2. Click +Add block in the upper left.
  3. Add a Title which is the name visible to the user. If you do not want to show a title, leave this blank or enter <none>.
  4. Add a Description which is the name of the block which will appear in the Blocks overlay screen.
  5. In the Body field enter the content for this block. Block content is formatted like page content.
    create a block

  6. Select the Region in which your block will reside.
  7. Make changes and additions to the block configuration options below the Block body.
    create a block

    These options give you great flexibility in setting who will see this block and when the block will be displayed:
    1. Pages: list specific pages to show or hide this block
    2. Content types: choose the type of page to show this block
    3. Roles: choose specific roles to view this block
    4. Users: allow users to determine if block is visible for them

  8. When you are ready, Save your block. If you need to move your block you will find it on the Blocks overlay screen. Notice that not all blocks can be deleted. Some blocks are created by the system and may not be removed. Any block you create may be deleted.
    create a block

    Here is the new block!
    view new block

Locating Blocks on Your Page

  • You can identify blocks by the gear icon. When you hover at the top right corner of a block a gear icon appears. Click the gear to show the Configure block link which takes you to the block overlay screen where you can edit your block.
    configure block gear

  • Menu blocks have additional links which open screens to edit the menu or its links.
    menu block gear

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