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Adding a Video to Your Drupal Site

To display a video on a Drupal Cloud page you will place a link to the video in the form of an embed code. The video actually remains in its repository, typically YouTube, but it will play through your page.

The embed codes are generated by the host site.

  1. Look for the word Embed and click it.
  2. Select your options.
  3. Copy the embed code which is generated based on your options.

Upload the video file directly to your google drive folder.

Chrome is required to embed the video, the embedded video does not yet display on Safari or Microsoft Edge
  1. Open Google Drive in Chrome.
  2. Find the Video file.
  3. Click the "More Actions" icon (3 vertical dots) upper right corner.
  4. Select "Open in New Window".
  5. Click "More Actions" and Select Embed Code near the bottom of the drop down.
  6. Copy Embed Code and paste into your site.

Paste the embed code.

  1. Next, open the page where you are placing your video and click the Edit tab.
  2. Make sure that Full HTML is selected as the text format.
  3. Click the link to Switch to plain text editor.
  4. Paste the embed code.

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