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Adding News or Blog Posts to Your Site

Blog posts and News articles are types of content and are created in a similar way to creating a page. However, Blog and News items are displayed differently. They are collected and displayed together by means of a function called a View. A View is used to display the entire group of Blog or News entries on a single page as a running list. This is the page you see when you click Blog or News in the Main menu. You can access individual Blog or News entries from this list.
blogs page

A View is also used to display a small number of links to individual blog entries as a block in the Sidebar second region on the right, also with links to the individual entry.
blog posts in sidebar second region

individual blog post

Creating a Blog or News Post

  1. From the Admin menu click Content.
  2. Click the link for + Add content. Note that Blog and News items already created are found in the content list.
    add content

  3. Select Blog or News for the type.
    select blog type

  4. Add a Title and content in the Body.
  5. Set a date or leave as it is.
  6. For a News article add a URL to the actual news story if this entry is a summary of a web article.
  7. Click Save.

Remember, you can access the Blog or News entries from the Main menu or the blocks in the Sidebar second region on the right.

Accessing the View Overlay Screen

Views are a somewhat complex feature of Drupal Cloud but if you are interested in seeing the options for the view follow the steps below. There is more information for you to learn about views in the article Arranging Content Using Views in the Advanced section of the Drupal Cloud Home Page.

  1. Hover to locate the gear icon at the top right of the Sidebar second region.
  2. Click on Edit view.
    access blog view

    This is the Blog View screen. Notice at the top left that this view is used as both a page and a block. Here you can change the look of the view, the number of posts to show, the sort order and other view options.
    blog view options

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