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About Drupal Cloud

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Drupal is a web development platform which stores your content in a database and displays that content on web pages. Drupal Cloud uses the innovative open-source content management platform, Drupal, which people around the world use to organize, manage, and publish websites. IS&T offers Drupal Cloud as a no-cost service to the MIT Community. IS&T hosts your Drupal Cloud site on our secure servers and takes care of all the time-consuming backend maintenance like security patches, software updates, and new feature additions.

Drupal Cloud sites come with a basic template and configuration, so at a minimum, you need only provide your content. Additional Drupal configuration is possible for advanced users. We give you the tools. You make it yours. Customize it with colors, fonts, and photos. Integrate MIT’s most popular online services. Build in a blog. It’s up to you how sophisticated to make it.

Drupal site building is different from building an HTML website.With Drupal, site design and structural changes are accomplished by making choices from menus rather than working directly in the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. However, to a person visiting your site it will look or function as any other web site. For example, here is how you change the color scheme in the default MIT DLC theme.

image screenshot to choose font size

And here is the interface for setting the font size when using the Adaptive theme:

image screenshot to choose font size

Drupal has many components which take time to master. As with HTML web sites, you may be able to create a simple site on your own. As the complexity of your site increases so does the knowledge required to create it. At some point you may need to seek help internal here at MIT or from external Drupal developers. See the Help and Resources page for suggestions.

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May 02, 2016

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