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Getting Drupal Help at MIT

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There are many ways at MIT to get help with your Drupal Cloud projects. The following is a list of different ways to get help depending on your specific issue or your preferred way of learning.

Help within Drupal

The first place to look for an explanation is on a Drupal Cloud page. You will often find explanations of the options on the page along with links to more information.

help on drupal page

additional help links

The IS&T Service Desk

The Service Desk (formerly Help Desk) is the place to begin when you need to speak with someone directly. Service Desk staff are trained to answer the most common Drupal Cloud questions, and they have an effective escalation path for the more demanding situations. Call the Service Desk at x3-1101 or email at

Knowledge Base FAQ pages

The Knowledge Base (KB) hosts all help documentation. It has many pages, like this one, about Drupal Cloud. Pages are organized around a specific topic or need. The KB also contains single-topic, FAQ-type questions specific to a particular function or task.

To use the KB, enter a topic into the Search box at the top of the KB home page. You can also search from your browser using Google by preceding your search term with MIT or MIT KB. You can also view all Drupal Cloud topics and articles from the Drupal Cloud Home Page .

Communications Initiatives

Communications Initiatives (CI) provides consulting help for planning your DLC's website. They can also help you find a local developer to work on your site. Their site has excellent resources for web projects including help with the MIT graphic identity, a library of free MIT-specific photos, and other resources.

LinkedIn Learning courses

MIT students, staff and faculty have access to the entire Linkedin Learning library by logging on through Touchstone at You’ll find full courses split into short modules on topics such as Drupal 7 Essential and Advanced training, Web Design Fundamentals, and CSS Fundamentals.

The Help menu on the Administrator Toolbar offers basic information about specific modules and features. This help comes with Drupal and is NOT MIT-specific.

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July 22, 2020

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