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How to edit the home page

So the steps to edit the home page, for an admin, will be to first visit the Theme Builder page, go to the Manage Layouts view, Select “KBHOME” from the three available layouts, click the Layout Tab (2nd tab next to Overview), check the box next to “Menu” and click the SAVE icon.

Then you can edit the home page, as the entire menu will appear.

You’ll have to repeat these step after you’re done editing. My way around this is to have two windows open. One for the admin page, one for the home page, I make my changes, and then flip the switch back in the other window when I’m done. Much easier that way.

It seems like a lot when it’s written down, but it’s pretty quick. I reckon pretty much only you should be changing anything on the home page. No one else, except for whatever developer you delegate to, should have access. And hopefully the home page shouldn’t be changing all that much.

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February 25, 2013

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