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Article Clean-up and Make Public Steps

Things to do for articles nominated to be cleaned up and made public:

  1. Give the article a style review. See: Article style review steps
  2. Determine if the article is appropriate for a public audience. Reasons an article should not be made public include:
    • It contains license codes or other information we can't legally make publicly available.
    • It contains personal information about staff or users.
    • It contains escalation path information intended for service desk staff.
    • It contains procedures that are sufficiently complicated/dangerous they may cause the client to lose data and other troubleshooting measures should be tried first.
  3. If the article contains material that is not appropriate to be made public, you may be able to make some revisions.
    • Do not delete information that may be needed by service desk consultants.
    • Consider using the show-to tag to link to hide the sensitive information, although be aware that the content is still in the HTML of the eventual page. This may be acceptable for some kinds of escalation or advanced troubleshooting information, but it is not a valid way to hide license keys and other information to which we're legally required to restrict access. [archive:How do I create a section of an article that is only visible to certain users?]
    • Consider creating a new article in the helpdesk internal space to contain the information you can't leave in a public article. Be sure to cross-link this new article to the old (soon to become public article). Use the show-to tag in the public article to limit viewing of the link to those who have access to the help desk internal space.
    • If you're not sure anything can be done to make it an appropriate public article, ask another Knowledge Base reviewer for a second opinion. If it can't be made public, simply remove the r-public label.
  4. If the article is appropriate be made public:

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