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Articles nominated to be cleaned-up and moved to a publicly visible space.

The following articles have been labeled r-public, review public. This means somebody thinks these articles are good candidates for being stylistically cleaned up and moved into a publicly visible space in the Knowledge Base (IS&T Official, IS&T Contributions, Community Contributions). Knowledge Base maintainers periodically review the articles in this list. If appropriate, they will update the articles per the stylistic guidelines in the Knowledge Base Best Practices and move them into an appropriate public space.

No content found for label(s) r-public.
To add articles to this list, tag them with the label "r-public". For more information on how to add a label to an article, see: How do I add labels to an article?

For more review options, see:
Articles Nominated for Content Review
Articles Nominated for Style Review

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October 26, 2016

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