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What mailing lists (moira or mailman) am I on?

  • Is there a way to find what mailing lists I am on, either through an Athena command, or something on the web?
  • How can I find what e-mail lists I'm on?


MIT has two types of mailing lists - Moira and Mailman. In order to view the mailing lists you are subscribed to in Moira or Mailman:


From an Athena prompt, type listmaint and then select:

  1. List Info Menu:
    7. (list_info)
  2. Show all lists to which a given member belongs
    1. (member)

    Then, hit Return for the defaults (USER, and then your username), and tell it yes or no for a recursive search. If you say yes, that will include lists that you are only on because you are on a sublist. That is (to make up an example) if you are on the list freshmen, and freshmen is a member of all-students, then the recursive search will tell you that you are a member of all-students; the non-recursive search will not.

Continuing with the example, you cannot remove yourself from the all-students; if you want to stop getting mail from all-students, you can only remove yourself from freshmen, or ask the maintainers of the lists to remove freshmen from all-students.


You can use this (certificate-protected) URL:

Replace LIST-YOU-ARE-ON with a list name of a list you are a member of. Then replace USERNAME with your MIT Kerberos account username.

Now, technically, this is a URL for "In addition to all-mit, what Mailman lists am I on?" So, it will always tell you all-mit, or, if you use a different list name in that URL, it will always tell you that list name instead. This is because Mailman generates this URL as a option you can click on if you are examining your membership on a particular list, and the URL above is the one you would get if you were examining your membership on all-mit.

There isn't a good way to see what lists you are on recursively in Mailman, though if you are getting email to a list that you really don't understand why, you can email and we will try to figure it out.

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