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What mailing lists (moira or mailman) am I on?

  • Is there a way to find what mailing lists I am on, either through a website or an Athena command?
  • How can I find what e-mail lists I'm on?


MIT has two types of mailing lists - Moira and Mailman. In order to view the mailing lists you are subscribed to in Moira or Mailman:


On the web
The website (Touchstone login required) will show you which Moira lists you are on, as well as those which you administer. Clicking the name of a list will show you more details, and provide the option to remove yourself.

From the Athena command line
From an Athena prompt, type listmaint and then select:

  1. List Info Menu:
    7. (list_info)
  2. Show all lists to which a given member belongs
    1. (member)

    Then, hit Return for the defaults (USER, and then your username), and tell it yes or no for a recursive search. If you say yes, that will include lists that you are only on because you are on a sublist. For example, if you are on the list childlist, and childlist is a member of parentlist, then the recursive search will tell you that you are a member of parentlist; the non-recursive search will not.

In this example, you cannot remove yourself from parentlist directly; if you want to stop getting mail from parentlist, you can only remove yourself from childlist, or ask the maintainers of the lists to remove childlist from parentlist.


You can use this (certificate-protected) URL:

Replace LIST-YOU-ARE-ON with a list name of a list you are a member of. Then replace USERNAME with your MIT Kerberos account username.

This is a URL for "In addition to LIST-YOU-ARE-ON, what Mailman lists am I on?" So, it will always tell you LIST-YOU-ARE-ON. This is because Mailman generates this URL as a option you can click on if you are examining your membership on a particular list, and the URL above is the one you would get if you were examining your membership on LIST-YOU-ARE-ON.

There is no function available to recursively view Mailman list memberships. If you are getting email via a list and you don't understand why, contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

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December 18, 2023

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