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Q: How do I add an email address to my "blocked senders" or "allowed senders" list with O365 Spam Filtering?

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  • How do I add an email address or domain to my "bad senders" or "good senders" list?
  • black list or white list


Manage Your Blocked and Allowed Sender Lists

Your black and white lists identify known good and bad senders to ensure you receive the mail you want and do not receive messages from senders you do not want to get. You must enable automatic filtering of junk email in order to use the block and allow list features. To manage these lists:

1. Visit OWA at and login.
2. Top-right Gear Icon or Options > See All Options
3. Under Options on your left navigation click Block or Allow

  1. Make sure the Automatically filter junk email radio button is selected.  If the junk mail filter is disabled, allowed and blocked senders will not sync with the quarantine service and identified spam messages will be delivered to your inbox.
    • White listed recipients can be added to "safe senders and recipients". O365 does not support adding a domain as a "safe sender", or the use of wild cards in the "safe senders" list.
    • Block email from specified senders or domains by adding as "blocked senders." O365 does not support the use of wild cards, but a domain can be blocked.
    • Mail sent to blocked senders should be automatically filtered to your quarantine page at (see above for more information)
      Note: Don't forget to SAVE any changes you made. It may take up to 30 minutes to take effect.

O365 Spam Filtering does not allow you to block senders inside your organization (with an address). A workaround for this is to use Filters.  If you believe that senders with email addresses have been caught by the spam quarantine, please send email to the IS&T Service Desk with full details concerning the message in question so that the it can be investigated further.  Many times, the mail appears to have been sent from a address, but was actually sent using another sending service (such as Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc.)

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January 05, 2024

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  1. Feb 19, 2019

    It is very important to note that these settings are on the exchange level and not on the application level. Any changes you make on Junk mail settings in the outlook app or other mail apps apply after it the mail has passed through As such, it is still important to go to to update your settings so the spam filter can read your global settings set in exchange for what emails are on your allow/block list.

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