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Q: Who receives email notification during Ticket progress?


First, a couple of definitions:

  • A Reply (also called Correspondence) is a piece of text a consultant adds to a Ticket history. It is visible to the Requestor and by default gets sent to the Requestor in email.
  • A Comment is a piece of text a consultant adds to a Ticket history. It is not visible to the Requestor nor is it sent to the Requestor.

By default, a Requestor is the only person assigned to a Ticket and the only one to get Replies that are entered throughout the Ticket progress. However, others can be associated with Tickets in different capacities, called Watchers, who also get Replies. A Watcher is someone who wants to know about the progress of the Ticket and may need to participate in the resolution of it. More than one Watcher can be assigned to a Ticket.

There are two types of Watchers:

  • Cc: Someone who should get copies of any Replies that go to the Requestor but is not necessarily allowed to work on the Ticket.
  • AdminCc: Someone who should get copies of any Replies that go to the requestor AND any Comments added to the Ticket. Admin Ccs are generally allowed to work on the Ticket.

In addition, when composing Replies and Comments you have the option of specifying email addresses in Cc and Bcc fields. These are exactly like entering a Cc or Bcc when sending an email message. Unlike Watchers, they are used only for that particular Reply or Comment, not for all Replies and/or Comments for a Ticket.

Remember: The Requestor does not receive Comments nor does he/she see them when using the RT interface to view his/her tickets.

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