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Where can I get more information about Maple?

The X version of Maple uses graphical online help, which can be used from the Help menu in the upper right corner, or by typing help queries at the command line as described below. (The online help in the TTY version has fewer features, but uses the same command-line syntax.)

To get help on a specific topic, type:

        > ?topic

For help on using the help system, type

	> ?help


        > ?helpguide  (X version only)

For a list of help topics, type

        > ?index

To get a list of built-in variables (constants like 'Pi', etc.), type:

        > ?ininames

To get a list of built-in routines (functions like 'sin', etc.), type:

        > ?inifcns

There are several other sources of information which might be helpful:

  • The official Maple manuals are published by Springer Verlag and can be found in the library reference collections.

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June 08, 2012

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