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What should I do if a Pharos printer is broken, jammed, or needs paper or toner?


When you notice a problem with a printer (out of paper, out of toner, paper jam, etc), you should notify the Institute Copier Program, which is part of CopyTech. They can be reached at That address is monitored during regular business hours. Their contact information is also posted on a sticker on every printer.

Remember that with Pharos, you can release your job at any dorm or cluster printer. If you have already released your print job when the error occurs, you will need to re-submit the job in order to pick it up at another printer.

If a printer has a paper jam, you can report it as described above; alternately, if you are comfortable trying to cautiously clear it, you can try to carefully remove the offending piece of paper. Consult the printer's LCD display to determine the location of the jam. If a printer continues to jam after you clear it, then a repair is likely needed, so please report the issue as above.

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July 23, 2021

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