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What kinds of graphs can Xess create?

Xess provides thirteen types of graphs:

  • Scatter graphs
  • Line graphs
  • Area graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Stacked bar graphs
  • Histogram
  • Pie graph
  • Surface graph (3D rotation)
  • Contour graph
  • Polar graph
  • Hi-Lo graph
  • Control graph
  • Box graph

For more information on what each type of graph represents select the Help menu, and choose "Index". When the dialog window appears select the "Graphs" topic.

Using the Graph Editor, Xess offers considerable flexibility in defining graph characteristics. For instance, you can customize each axis with respect to scaling, tic marks, labels, axis and grid color. For tic marks and labels you can specify color, font, style, and size. You can define whether or not legends, title and labels are displayed.
You can choose your own line and marker styles, even shading variants for surface charts. Also, you have the option to enable outward ticks, exploded axis and grid lines for each axis.

You can create and save up to hundred (100) different named graphs for a given spreadsheet. You can define up to twenty (20) different graph datasets for each graph. You can view up to twenty (20) graphs (each) at the same time in both the graph edit window and view graph window on screen while you continue to work on the spreadsheet, or save graphs as Encapsulated Postscript files to be printed later on a Postscript printer or included in other documents.

For more specific information on changing the graph characteristics or defining the data sets to be displayed see the other XESS stock answers:

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February 25, 2009

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