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Q: How can I use formatting (bold, italic, etc) in Zephyr on Athena?


Zephyr allows you to use formatting commands inside "zwrite" messages. The following commands are available:

  1. @b or @bold: bold type
  2. @i or @italic: italicized type
  3. @l or @left places text flushleft
  4. @r or @right places text flushright
  5. @c or @center centers text
  6. @huge produces "huge" text
  7. @large produces large text
  8. @medium produces medium text
  9. @small produces small text
  10. @beep() causes it to beep once

Note: After giving the command, you'll need to enclose the text in delimiters. You may use ( ), { }, [ ], or < >.

For example:

	@b[This is some text]

would produce the following:

This is some text

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October 12, 2016

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