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What are some of the most commonly used document types?

  • SI: Internal provider journal vouchers used for billing departments (Internal provider documents)
  • SA: Standard journal voucher (G/L accounts documents)
  • FY: Closing journal voucher (Fiscal year documents posted in periods 13-16)
  • SC: Credit Card charges.
  • RV: Billing doc transfer

For a complete list of document types, follow these steps in SAPgui:

  1. Follow the menu path: Role ZMIT > Journal Vouchers > Parked JVs > F-65 Create a Parked JV.
  2. Click into the field for Doc Type.
    Result: A down arrow appears next to the Doc Type field.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the Doc Type field.
    Result: A drop down will appear with all document types and their description.

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