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Q: How do I Update My Password For Apple Mail on Mac OS Version 10.14.6 and higher?


  1. Completely close Apple Mail.
    This is very important, do not skip this step.
    Result: Apple Mail will be completely closed.

  2. Navigate to the Apple Menu in the upper-left of the screen.
    Result: A dropdown menu will appear.

  3. Select System Preferences.
    Result: The System Preferences window will open.

  4. From the System Preferences window, select Internet Accounts.
    Result: The Internet Accounts page will open.

  5. In the following window, select the  Exchange Account the password needs to be updated for from the left-hand column.
    Result: Options for the selected Exchange Account will open.

  6. In the right-hand box under the word Exchange, Remove the checkmark the following entries Mail, Contact, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes by clicking on the check mark box.
    Result: The applications that are unchecked will be disconnected from the account.

  7. Click on details and type in your new password. Then click Okay.
    Result: You will be brought back to the previous Exchange Account screen.

  8. In the Right hand box under the word Exchange, restore the checkmark to following entries MailContactCalendarsReminders, and Notes by clicking on the check mark box.
    Result: Those applications will be reconnected to the account.

  9. Close System Preferences and open Apple Mail. On the top click on Mailbox and then Click on Take all accounts online.
    Result: You Exchange Account will taken online.

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June 28, 2021

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