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IS&T Financial Reporting -- Financial Summary by Operational Area

The Financial Summary by Operational Area report is a high level summary report, designed to display FY data from across all of the operational areas in IS&T.
This is the report you go to validate your numbers. From this report, many of the other reports are derived. You can drill down from this report first to the IS&T Financial Summary by Manager, then to IS&T Financial Summary by Cost Object, and then to the IS&T Simplified Summary Statement. Except for this last report, from each of the reports you can drill down for a GL View.

When an individual director runs this report, only the data for the areas which he or she is authorized to see are returned.

Accessing the report

  1. The report is found in the Cognos Reports ( Go To Public Folders > School & Area Reports > IS&T > Financial Reporting >
  2. Select IS&T Financial Summary by Operational Area
  3. The report pauses waiting for you to enter information at the prompts.
  4. Select Fiscal Year from the drop down menu.
    Enter Financial Summary info here
  5. Leave the Budget Plan Version default selected and click Finish.
    The IS&T Financial Summary by Operational Area report opens displaying only the information for your area.
    Local Financial Summary report for your area
  6. From this report, drill down to the IS&T Financial Summary by Manager report by clicking on the Profit Center ID which is blue and underscored.
    IS&T Financial Summary by Manager sample
  7. Click on Profit Center ID in the Manager Area Report and the IS&T Financial Summary by Cost Object displays:
    Financial Summary by Cost Object sample
  8. Finally, clicking this time on a Cost Collect ID displays The IS&T Simplified Summary report with subtotals for each of the Level 1
    IS&T Simplified Summary sample

On each of the report pages, there is a GL View button which displays the report detail broken down by GL account.

As you drill down, Cognos opens the resulting report in a new tab in your browser thus allowing you to return to previous reports by simply clicking the browser tab.


If you choose to print a report, always print to PDF before printing paper copies to ensure that the report format is preserved.

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May 25, 2022

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