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IS&T Financial Reporting – Cognos Reports – An Overview and Glossary of Reports

IS&T Financial Reporting Folder

Six reports compose the IS&T Financial Reporting Folder. They are:

IS&T Financial Summary by Operational Area

This is a high level summary grouped by Operational Area (Emerging Solutions, Enabling Services and Planning & Administration) and a net total for all of IS&T.

Users can drill down from the Profit Center to the Financial Summary by Manager view or access the GL View from this report.

IS&T Financial Summary by Manager

This is a high level summary with a one-line total for each of the Profit Centers within an Operational Area, and a Net Total for the Operational Area.

Profit Center ID is drillable (to the Financial Summary by Cost Object view) and there is link in the report to the GL view.

IS&T Financial Summary by Cost Object

This report is a summary by Cost Object for a Profit Center.
The Cost Object ID is drillable to IS&T Simplified Summary Statement.

GL View is available as well.

IS&T Spending Plan Input: Cost Object Level Template

The Spending Plan Template is run monthly by directors. It reports actuals for closed months. Columns are provided for reporting on the current spending plan for future months by Cost Object.

The report also displays Fiscal Year Budget, Fiscal Year Spending Plan and Fiscal Year Variance.

The report is downloaded by the director into Excel and becomes the worksheet for reporting on future spending plans and for commenting on variances.

IS&T Simplified Summary Statement

This report is broken down by GL Category for the Cost Collector ID that was selected.

Users can run this report independently or will be taken to this report from the Financial Summary – by Cost Object report.

IS&T GL View

This is a high level summary by Expense Type for a Profit Center or Cost Object. Subtotals by GL Expense Type (level 1 category) and net totals by Profit Center or Cost Object are displayed.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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November 12, 2016

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