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Q: Will names of access control groups in update automatically if the Moira group name is changed ?

  • Will names of access control groups in update automatically if the Moira group name is changed?
  • Do Moira group name changes propagate to
  • How does integrate with Moira groups?


  • Confluence wiki spaces on
  • Access permissions and groups on



Here's how Moira and Confluence groups integration on works:

  1. An individual's groups are passed in to Confluence on on login, via the "memberOf" Shibboleth attribute
  2. Then, in a loop for each group:
    • If the group is not already present in it is created
    • If the user is not already a member of the group in they are added to it
  3. If a user is a member of a wiki group that is not present in the user's "memberOf" attribute, they are removed from that group on wikis (this operation is limited to three groups per login for performance reasons)

Groups renamed in Moira

If a group is renamed in Moira, this name change is not automatically carried forward to wikis. Groups are passed by their name. So if you have a wiki space on which group "A" has permissions, and group "A" is renamed to "B" in Moira, the wiki space permissions will still show access for group "A". A space administrator needs to go in and grant group "B" permissions on the space.

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