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Q: What happens to my LastPass enterprise account when I leave MIT?



MIT LastPass Enterprise will be retired via the existing account deactivation process. As much as technically possible, the process will mimic what happens to AFS lockers associated with an account that's in the deactivation process.

Suspended Accounts

When an account is suspended, the user will lose login access to their MIT LastPass Enterprise account. (They will be unable to authenticate via Duo.) Although inaccessible, the data in the LastPass account will remain untouched though the account will be marked as disabled. Please note that sync’ed copies of the data will still exist. No one – not even your LastPass administrator can log in to the account regardless of passwords or previous access.

Deactivated Accounts

Once unenrolled, the enterprise disables the user from the MIT LastPass Enterprise and puts a lock on the account. No one – not even your LastPass administrator – can log in to the account regardless of passwords or previous access. In special instances the account can be fully removed per request from the user.

You will no longer be able to login to your account, additionally you will immediately lose access to all sites and shared folders in your MIT LastPass account.

Useful notes:

Once terminated (disabled), any data that the account owner has placed in a Shared Folder will remain fully intact for remaining users.

If you linked a personal account with your LastPass account, data in that account will be unaffected by these actions, however you will be unable to use the iOS or Android apps unless you purchase a Premium subscription from LastPass.

If you have any questions about the implications of unenrolling your account, please contact IS&T for assistance.

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August 03, 2020

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