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Q: How do I install Debathena on my personal computer?

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You want to install one of the Debathena metapackages on your personal computer. The current version of Debathena is [Debathena Trusty (14.04) Release Notes].


  1. Make sure that your personal computer is running a supported Ubuntu or Debian distribution. Debathena is not a stand-alone operating system: it is a suite of packages designed to install on top of a current release of Ubuntu or Debian Linux. You should already have Ubuntu or Debian configured, and connected to MITnet before you attempt to install Debathena. 
  2. Choose a Debathena-metapackage. Debathena provides various levels of Athena functionality through different metapackages, and each metapackage comes with different levels of support. Choose a metapackage that suits your needs from Which Debathena metapackage should I install?.
  3. Double check the system requirements.
  4. Select a mode of installation.

Find out more about Debathena

If you have any questions regarding the above steps, you may find the articles Troubleshooting Debathena installation or How can I get help with Debathena issues? helpful.

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To learn more about Debathena, see Debathena Landing Page.

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