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Q: How do I fold my name tent ?


If you are using the Cafe Talk Name Tent Template for your name tents, these instructions will help you with folding the name tent properly. A properly folded name tent is stable, attractive, and indicative of a sound mind.

If your name tent was printed for you in preparation for your speaking at a Cafe Talk, steps 1-3 have most likely been done for you. Congratulations!

  1. Print your name tent on card stock for best results
  2. Score your name tent lightly along the dashed score lines
  3. Make four 1/2 inch cuts into your name tent from the edges along the solid cut lines
  4. Fold your name tent along the three scored lines (mountain folds, for you origami types)
  5. Slot the bottom tabs into each other in an alternating pattern (if your outside tabs from one edge are on top, then the middle tab of that same edge goes on the bottom)
  6. Push the two bottom edges together

You should now have a stable, neatly folded name tent with a 1-inch base. You are ready to present! Knock 'em dead!

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April 23, 2014

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