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Q: Can I use Concur on my mobile device or phone?

A Concur application is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The mobile app does not give full access to all Concur features, but it can be helpful for simple tasks like managing receipts on the go.

Set up a Mobile PIN for your account

Before you can log into the Concur mobile app, you'll need to create a Mobile PIN.

Follow these steps on your computer (not mobile device):

  1. Log into Concur (requires certificates)
  2. Go to Profile > Mobile Registration
  3. Under "Review your log in details", choose Create a Mobile PIN
  4. Enter your pin in both boxes, then click Set PIN

Download the mobile app

On the same page, under "Download the app", click on the icon for your platform (iOS, Android, or Blackberry). That will take you to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Blackberry World, respectively. From there, you can download and install Concur as you would any other app.

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March 25, 2013

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