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Q: Can I use multiple FROM addresses with the same Gmail account in Apple Mail ?


  • Personal Gmail account
  • Multiple "Send Mail As" or "From" addresses to choose from
Gmail is not a recommended email client
Please note that personal Gmail accounts are not a recommended MIT email solution, so the amount of assistance you will be able to get from MIT resources such as the Help Desk will be quite limited.


Multiple "Send Mail As" addresses in Gmail

Gmail has a feature that lets you use a number of different email addresses to send mail as. You can find it in the Gear menu, under Settings and the Accounts and Import tab. Once you've verified that you can receive mail at an email address you specify, Gmail will allow you to send mail with that address as the "From" address from the Gmail web interface.

Using this feature in Apple Mail

If you use this feature from the Gmail web interface, but you mainly use Apple Mail as your Gmail client via IMAP, it can be nice to replicate this feature in Apple Mail so you can send mail from your alternate addresses. It turns out that this is easy to do.

  1. Make sure Gmail is correctly configured to send mail from your alternate addresses; log into the Gmail web interface and verify that you can send a message from there using one of the alternate addresses.
  2. Make sure Apple Mail is correctly configured to receive and send your Gmail.
  3. In Apple Mail, go to the Mail menu and select Preferences.
  4. Click on the Accounts tab and select your Gmail account.
  5. In the "Email Address" box under "Account Information", add your alternate addresses after your main Gmail address, separated by commas.
  6. Close the Preferences window (Apple Mail will ask you if you want to save your changes – make sure you do)

Key screen shots

  • To get to Gmail Settings in the Gmail web interface:
    Gear menu
  • Your alternate addresses in Gmail Settings will look something like this:
    Gmail accounts screen
  • How to add alternate addresses in Apple Mail Preferences:
    Apple mail account preferences
  • What you'll see in your Apple Mail compose window when everything's configured:
    Mail compose window

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