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Troubleshooting Common Citrix Application Launch Issues

Q. I'm being asked to 'Add Account' after installing Citrix Receiver for first time use, what should I do?

A: This box may appear, after a restart, or upon first launching Citrix Receiver. Simply close and ignore this pop-up. Be sure to check the box that reads 'Do not show this window...' before clicking Close. IS&T does not use this implementation of Citrix authentication / connection management

Q. After I click on CCURE 800 Admin (or any Citrix app) a '.ica' file downloads instead of launching the app, what should I do?

A: Be sure to check that Citrix Receiver is already installed on the computer. If not, the installation files are available from here. If you have verified Receiver is installed, this link may help.

Q. The application started and looked as if it launched (it appears on my taskbar), but it doesn't appear on any window/monitor, where did it go?

A. This isssue is specific to PCs (Windows OS). Check your Windows taskbar (bottom bar) to see if your CCURE app appears. Hold the 'Shift' key on the keyboard while right-clicking the taskbar icon, and select Maximize

Q. I'm running OSX on a Mac with FireFox browser, and the application doesn't launch when I click on the icon, what should I do?

A. In the FireFox Menu, find the Plugins page and change the setting from 'Ask to Activate' or 'Always Activate'

Q. After I click on a Citrix App, a file downloads, when I click that Windows is asking me what application to use?

A. This isssue usually indicates Citrix Receiver was not installed before attempting to lauch a Citrix hosted app. If you accidentally chose another application to open the '.ica' file, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Citrix Receiver
  2. Attempt to launch the application from your web browser again ( This may resolve the issue. If not, continue with the next steps
  3. To re-associate the '.ica' filetype with Citrix Connection Manager, find a recently downloaded '.ica' file, right click and select properties.
  4. Next to 'Opens with' click 'Change'. Click 'Open more apps' > 'Look for more apps on this PC' and then file path to C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\wfcrun32.exe

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