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TSM 6 for Windows - Installation

Before You Begin

  1. If TSM was installed from a domain container (opt-in), [follow these directions].
  2. Before launching the TSM 6 Windows installer, you have to stop your TSM scheduler:
    1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and stop the TSM Scheduler service.
    2. Install TSM 6 for Windows.
    3. When the upgrade is complete, restart the scheduler.
  3. Before upgrading your operating system, be sure to:
    1. Uninstall any previous versions of TSM.
    2. Install the operating system.
    3. Install TSM 6 for Windows.


  1. Complete all TSM download and installation tasks using an account with Administrator privileges.
  2. On the MIT Software for Windows page, under Backup, select TSM 6. (Certificates required.]
  3. Download the installer file to a convenient location on your computer.
  4. Find the downloaded TSM installer file, mit-tsm-6.1.exe, and double click to start it.
    Result: The Open File-Security Warning screen appears.
    Security warning message

  5. Click Run.
    Result: The installer files unzip, and the InstallShield Wizard for TSM starts with a Welcome screen.
    Welcome to InstallShield wizard screen

  6. Click Next.
    Result: The Storage Manager Client screen appears.
    IBM Storage Manager Client screen

  7. Click Next.
    Result: The Destination Folder screen appears.
    Destination folder screen

  8. Click Next to accept the default installation location, C:Program FilesTivoliTSM
    Result: The Setup Type screen appears.
    Select setup type

  9. Click Next to accept the default installation type, "Typical".
    Result: The Ready to Install the Program screen appears.
    Ready to install screen

  10. Click Install.
    Result: The Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client screen appears.
    Installation progress bar

    Result: The Configure Nodename and Server screen appears.
    Configure Nodename and Server screen

  11. Select or confirm your assigned node name and server and click OK.
    Note: The Open TSM Scheduled Backups Web Page box is checked.
    Result: The InstallShield Wizard Screen appears.
    Success message

  12. Click Finish.

After you have installed TSM, learn how to login for the first time and set up your scheduler:

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Last Modified:

April 25, 2016

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