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Stellar and LMOD information for Back to School 2015

What are the new changes to Stellar this Fall? 

New for the Fall 2015 term, all course instructors and administrators are offered to "opt-in" to use the new Modular Learning Management system in place of Stellar. 

  • All changes to Stellar including what is upcoming are outlined within the Learning Modules Information Page
  • In the menu on the left hand side of the page, you can find user guides to each of the modules in addition to training videos. 
  • Feel free to review and share with your Faculty and Staff who use Stellar for their course sites.   

I do not have time to learn the new LMOD, can you revert my site back to Stellar? 

  • Place in EdTech: Stellar queue once you obtain the course site or course number from the client
  • Respond to the client that you have escalated to the Stellar team to revert the site and should receive a follow up soon.
  • Stellar is in the process of being phased out, and there is documentation on how to use the new features in the Learning Modules Help page

Can different Sections in LMOD have different homework assignments?

  • No, you cannot have separate homework assignments per sections in LMOD.

There is no Logout button in LMOD, how can I end my session

The log out button was not implemented in Learning Modules because we learned that it did not serve much purpose in Stellar. Due to Touchstone, the authentication service, being a single sign-in method, logging out of Stellar alone does not end the Touchstone session. The only way to truly end a Touchstone session is to clear one's cookies, or allow the session to time out.

More information can be found in the Touchstone FAQs page

Will LMOD allow the instructor to view the page from a Student’s view?

A View as Student button is available on the Student Details page in the Gradebook Module only. (See #4 below)

Student Details page example

The Development Team is working on implementing this view within the Materials Module at a later date.

How do I create new folders and move material to folders in LMOD?

To create new folders:

  • Within your site, Select Materials
  • Select the arrow next to +Add New Material 
  • Select +Add New Folder
  • Provide the name of the folder you want to create
  • Repeat for any new folders you want to create
  • Likewise, you can rename a folder by choosing the pencil icon to the right

To change a Materials folder (i.e., move the material or a document into another folder)

  • Click the pencil icon next to the document you wish to move.  
  • The Edit Materials Form/Page will display
  • In the folder pull down menu, select the folder that you wish to move that document/material into
  • Click the checkmark to SAVE MATERIAL at the bottom!

The info on moving materials is outlined here

How do I Export material from my old course site and Import to the new site?

To Export material from old site:

  • Launch the Stellar site:
  • Click on the Materials link on the left
  • Click on the blue link Export class materials next to the Go button at the top
  • Click on download zip

The zip file containing all the course material should now be downloading (it may take a few minutes depending on amount of data)

To Import material to new site:

  • Open the Fall 2015 site:
  • Make sure you are logged in 
  • Click on the Materials link on the left
  • Click on Import your materials from a past Stellar site
  • Click Choose File

The Download folder should open and you should see a zip called: “"

  • Click on the Zip file and select choose
  • Click on the Upload button at the bottom

The material should populate the page. 

Why am I getting a Gradebook Error? (there is a template for this)

Thank you for forwarding your Javascript error report to IS&T. We have seen a lot of success with our sites by clearing your browser cache, forcing your browser to redownload the entire site.

IS&T has instructions on clearing your browser cache here: How do I clear the browser cache?

You can also try to open the page with a different web browser.

If you are still experiencing problems after clearing your cache, please reply to this ticket with the url you are attempting to reach, the browser you are using and the operating system (OS).

How do I add a Piazza link (nav link) to my course site?

  • You can add navbar links by logging into the course site then choose website settings.
  • At the top is a button edit navbar then select advanced mode  
  • Add the link of your Piazza site.

This information to add can be found within the Stellar User Guide ver2

How do I obtain permissions to access an archived Site?

  • Clients need to request permission directly from the Instructor of the site.
  • You can check to make sure the site exists within Class Sites All Terms/

How do I change then name of my course site on the Stellar page to match what is now in LMOD?

  • This task needs to be done by the Learning Modules Team
  • Place in the Edtech Learning Modules Queue with description, mark as NEW and let them know in chat room
  • Once completed, it takes 2-3 hours to appear in the course guide

I would like to use the attendance module to know that the sequence of attendance meeting dates will be different for students in recitations or lab sections and only look for them to be present on the appropriate dates, is that possible?

  • This usage is not currently supported, however, if you were going to have separate section sites, each site could have its own attendance module for that section but if you have one site, there can only be one set of meeting dates.

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June 19, 2016

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