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Software Resources

Creating teaching materials

Accessibility of online class materials

Accessibility consulting and web accessibility reviews for educational software.

Service description

Educational software:  


Commercial, free/Open Source and some locally developed applications are licensed, installed, and maintained on Athena to support course work.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software

GIS enable users to visualize and analyze spatial information in a dynamic, digital environment. GIS software provides tools for integrating, querying and analyzing a wide variety of data types, such as scientific and cultural data, satellite imagery and arial photography, as well as data collected by individuals, into projects, with geographic locations providing the integral link between all the data. MIT provides access to multiple GIS packages, including software from ESRI and PCI Geomatica.
Libraries / DUE OEIT

Mathematical Tools at MIT

Comprehensive, up-to-date, information on mathematical software and resources at MIT, including MATLAB, Maple, and others. Find pointers to licensing information, training, and curriculum integration of mathematical software and other computational technologies at MIT.

Faculty, instructors, and TAs can request free support for using mathematical tools in the classroom by contacting the Educational Technology Consultants directly at
Faculty and TA support

Limited general support
Service description

Software distribution

Software available to the MIT community for downloading. Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.

Software and application development

Project consulting, development, coordination, deployment, interpretation of global e-learning specifications and standards such as those from the Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI), infrastructure integration.

Statistical Analysis Software

Selected listing of statistical analysis software available at MIT.

Macintosh Classroom/Cluster

The New Media Center (NMC) provides the MIT community the tools necessary to produce multimedia projects, such as digital video, photo scanning and manipulation, web authoring and more. The NMC is a "do-it-yourself" cluster of G4 Power macs loaded with the latest multimedia software.

Remote Access and Collaboration Tools

These are a collection of collaboration tools used by the MIT Community. They allow people to share files, communicate and collaborate online no matter where they're physically located.

Software installation:

Software distribution

Information Services & Technology licenses and distributes a variety of operating systems, specialized engineering, and administrative office software.

Finding out if MIT has a license for a certain software application

For questions about existing licenses at MIT or availability of software that is not listed at the sites above. The contact email list is comprised of members of IS&T and the General Counsel's Office.

Software license negotiation and signing software licenses

MIT centrally negotiates signing of software licenses (non-shrink-wrap) through General Counsel's Office.
General Counsel's Office
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Creating teaching materials - Educational software, educational software support and consulting.

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IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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October 14, 2020

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