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Q: Setup Dreamweaver CC for SFTP access to

If you have a prior version of Adobe CS Suite installed, IS&T recommends that users follow Adobe’s Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool instructions prior to attempting installation of this Adobe Creative Cloud application.
This help document provides instructions on how to set up Adobe Dreamweaver CC for secure FTP access to maintain sites on (Athena).


  1. From the Site menu choose Manage Sites.....
    Result: The Manage Sites window appears.
  2. If the site already exists, select the desired site. If the site does not exist, click New > Site.
    Result: The Site Setup window appears.
    Site Setup Window

  3. Click on the Servers tab on the left, and click on the "+" symbol on the bottom left of the window.
    Servers Tab locations

    Result: The Remote Info dialog appears.
    Remote Info Dialogue Box

  4. In the Connect using dropdown list, select SFTP.
    Choose SFTP

  5. Enter the following:
    • FTP Host:
    • Login: Kerberos username
    • Password: Kerberos password
      site settings dialog filled out

  6. Click the Test button to test your connection.
  7. Uncheck the Save box at the Password field. You will be prompted for your password when connecting.
    IS&T recommends that you Do not save your password because it will remain on the machine, and your personal information could be at risk.
  8. Click Save in the Remote Info dialog. Click Save Site Setup window. Click Done in the Manage Sites window.
  9. On the Dreamweaver Window menu, select Files. Be sure that Files is checked.
    Result: You can now move files securely between the remote site, specified in the Root Directory field above, and your local site.
    Note: The path to a site will differ depending on the location holding the files – whether it is your personal locker, a course locker or an organization locker (eg: /afs/ If you are not sure how to determine the locker type and/or its path, contact, or call 617.253.1101.

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July 10, 2017

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