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SDM Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the SDM Application?

Users who have access to Mitsis Oracle forms by default will have view access to the SDM application and SDM converted forms.

Mitsis users can access the SDM application at

Help with Java 7 issues

Access MITSIS after updating to Java 7u51 or higher

How do I retrieve a value from SDM back to the MITSIS form?

  1. The Mitsis user is using a valid form that calls an SDM form and uses list field value keystroke (Shift F3)

    The Mitsis user selects the Edit Menu and Display List from a MITSIS Oracle form to find a value for that field.
  2. The SDM validation form it calls is displayed with a list of values.
  3. The Mitsis user selects the record they wish to work with from the form.
  4. The Mitsis user selects the value to retrieve and clicks on that value.
  5. The overlay window for the SDM form is closed and the user is returned to the MITSIS form with value populated in field.

How do I know if the Mitsis form I use has been converted to the SDM application?

See the screenshot below for the message that will appear in the footer when you are trying to access a Mitsis Oracle form that has been converted in the SDM application. The form is no longer available by typing the form name in the Enter Selection field. You must access SDM directly to view the form.

Or check the list at Mitsis Forms converted to SDM.

I get a security dialog box in Mitsis when I try to access SDM, what should I do?

For all Java 6 users, you may get a security dialog box when you try to retrieve a value from SDM to bring back to Mitsis the first time you enter the SDM application.

Users must simply click on No in the security dialog box to proceed and retrieve the value.

Help with Java 7 issues

Access MITSIS after updating to Java 7u51 or higher

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April 27, 2016

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