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Microsoft 365 - Reserving Resources (Rooms) with Outlook on the Web

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Reserving rooms in Microsoft 365 for meetings is not quite as simple as putting the room number in the "Location" field and clicking Add Room as MIT has too many rooms for the system to handle. The solution is to use the Scheduling Assistant to invite rooms to your meeting as an attendee.

Reserving a room

  1. Login to Outlook on the Web at
  2. Navigate to your calendar.

  3. Click New.
    Result: The meeting creation screen appears.

  4. Enter your meeting details such as title, attendees and a preferred time, but do not enter a room.
  5. Click Scheduling Assistant.
    Result: The Scheduling Assistant Opens.

  6. Add your room to the "Attendees" field. As you enter the room information it will attempt to auto-complete with past option or you can click "Search The Directory" to find rooms that match your entry.

    Be sure to enter the room information exactly as it appears in the directory or it may not show up when you search.

  7. Select the room and hit enter.
    Result: The room will appear in your attendees list. You will see free/busy time on the calendar for it and the rest of your attendees.

  8. Click on a time all the attendees are free to schedule your meeting to select it and click OK.
    Result: You are taken back to your meeting info screen and your room is listed in Attendees.
    Note: You'll see Suggested Times listed for your meeting that may seem confusing, but the "Manual Picker" below that will have your selected time from the scheduling assistant.

  9. Enter any additional meeting information or notes and click Send.
    Result: Your meeting will be created, display on your calendar, and you should receive a response from the resource accepting your meeting invitation.

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April 12, 2024

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