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Microsoft 365 - Email and Calendaring - FAQ

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Why are we moving to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online?

Moving IS&T's exchange mailboxes is the first step in a roadmap to reduce both desktop and infrastructure cost, while maintaining the same or improved level of service, and still maintaining control over the MIT's resources allocated to Microsoft 365.

What's my Quota on Microsoft 365?

50 Gigabytes. This is for all your data stored in the cloud (files, notes, email, attachments, calendaring data, etc).

How do I check my quota usage?

See: Microsoft 365 Email and Calendaring - What is my Quota and How do I Check it?

When is my DLC migrating?

Currently the beta is for IS&T staff only as we work out the process, develop support resources, and test Exchange in the Cloud in MIT's environment. More information will be available as we move to production.

Will I have to change email clients?

Not if you use a desktop or mobile application. You may have to update your email settings slightly to connect to the O365 server, but you will continue to be able to use the same email clients on your all your devices. They will work the same once you're configured.

Outlook on the Web, the web email client for M365, does have a significantly different interface than OWA did. You can find information on it here:

What if I’m scheduled to migrate on a day I’m on vacation or out of the office?

You do not need to be present for migration. When you return, you will be on Microsoft 365. Review the after migration portion of the Microsoft 365 - Email and Calendaring - Migration Checklist for what to expect when you return.

Where did my calendar go in Outlook on the Web?

The blue icon at the top left-hand side of the screen is how you switch among apps in M365. Click on it, then the calendar icon. Instructions and more information on using Outlook on the Web can be found here:

Are the Outlook apps secure? I thought I read something that said they weren't.

MIT needs productivity services that help users get more done from virtually anywhere while maintaining security in the face of ever-evolving threats. Microsoft 365 supports both of these needs at once with a highly secure, cloud-based productivity platform. Information regarding Microsoft 365 security, privacy, compliance, transparency, and service continuity can be found in the Microsoft 365 Trust Center and the Service Trust Portal. The Microsoft 365 platform incorporates security at every level, from application development to physical datacenters to end-user access. Today, fewer and fewer organizations have the ability to maintain an equivalent level of security on-premises at a reasonable cost.

Can I use the native Microsoft 365 groups feature?

No. That functionality is not available to MIT users. If you need a group or mailing list, see Email Lists for options.

My email client (Evolution, Thunderbird, Pine, etc...) can't connect via Exchange's native protocol. What do I do?

You can connect using the IMAP protocol.

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August 02, 2023

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