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MIT Events Calendar - Edit, Copy or Delete an event

Event Administrators can only add, edit and delete events for their groups. Click on your user profile icon. Then click Calendar Admin, which will bring you to the Admin Dashboard view.

Edit Event
Event edits can be made in the Admin Dashboard by clicking on the Admin Event Editor at the bottom of the event landing page. You will be in the editing event section where updates can be made and after save changes by clicking Save Changes. A message will display that "Event was saved."

Delete Event
Admin Event Editor allows you to delete an event, which can be done by clicking Delete Event. You will be prompted asking if you want to delete this event. A message will display that "Event was deleted."

However, deleting an event will not notify your attendees. If event owners want to cancel their events, its recommended to add "CANCELED" to the event title, so that all potential attendees are informed. Keep canceled events in the system as there is no storage limit and past events will still appear in search results. Also, if a canceled event is happening the following year, then you can copy the event and change the details.

View and Copy Event
Events can also be viewed and copied in the Admin Event Editor. View Event and Copy Event are located above the EventReach Metrics. View Event will show your event on the landing page. Copy Event you will be prompted asking if you want to create a new event using this event as a template. A message will display that "Event was copied." You can edit your event and save it.
Note: Before saving a copied event, make sure to mark event as Verified. This will automatically post event to the calendar.

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