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Debathena repository component options

The Debathena APT repository has several components (the items after the distribution name in the /etc/apt/sources.list line), described below.

You should add at least the debathena component, and at least one of the debathena-config or debathena-manual-config components in /etc/apt/sources.list, if you want any of the metapackages to install. We recommend the debathena-config component, but we have also made the debathena-manual-config component available for users who want to manage their own configuration.

  • The debathena component contains all the software that we have ported from Athena, along with our metapackages.
  • The debathena-system component contains software from Debian that we have modified to have better Athena support, including adding AFS and Hesiod support to bash and tcsh, and making kinit get Kerberos 4 tickets by default.
  • The debathena-config component contains packages that replace configuration files on your system using dpkg-divert . Also see Debathena hacks.
  • The debathena-manual-config component contains packages that do nothing, but satisfy dependencies as though they were debathena-*-config packages. These are useful if you want to manage your own configuration Debian files.
  • The openafs component contains pre-built OpenAFS kernel modules for the stock kernels in the distributions we support. We haven’t tested them all, but the hope is that they will save people from building their own kernel modules when they don’t have to.

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