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Connecting your Nook Tablet to the MIT SECURE wireless network

Change your Password
Users who have not changed their password since June 2010 will need to change their password prior to using the MIT SECURE network. Changing your password ensures that the password is synchronized with the authentication servers for the MIT SECURE network.

You can change your password at the following web page:


The Nook Tablet is equipped with Wi-Fi (wireless) network connectivity. Please use the following steps to connect to MIT's campus-wide MIT SECURE wireless network.

  1. On your Nook Tablet, go to the Home screen and select the Settings icon.
    Home screen

  2. Select Wireless.
    Settings panel

  3. If "Wi-Fi" is turned off, select the switch to turn it from OFF to ON.
    Wi-Fi Settings panel

    Result: Available wireless networks will be listed under "Wireless Networks".
    Note: A padlock icon by a wireless network's icon indicates a password is needed to access that network.

  4. Under "Wireless networks", select MIT SECURE.
    Wi-Fi network list

  5. Please enter your Kerberos username for "Login" and your Kerberos password for "Wireless password" and select Connect.
    connecting to MIT Secure

    Result: After a moment, you should see the word "Connected to the Internet" under MIT SECURE on the list of available networks, indicating that you are now connected to the MIT SECURE network.
    connected to MIT Secure

  6. To test your connection, go to the Home screen and select Web, and then enter the address
    Result: The MIT home page should load.

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April 27, 2016

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