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Common Questions

  • Where can I borrow a laptop?
  • Are there laptop loaners I can get?
  • Where can I rent a laptop?
  • Is there a laptop loaner program?
  • I need a laptop for a short period of time


There are a variety of loaner and rental laptops, hotspots, and other equipment available to members of the MIT community. The equipment available to you is dependent upon the context of your request, your student status, and your need for the equipment.

Computing Equipment Loan Program

IS&T maintains a limited pool of computing equipment available for loan to eligible MIT students, faculty, and staff. For more information, program guidelines, and information on how to request a laptop, hotspot and/or other peripherals please see:

Student iPad Loaner Program

The ability to collaborate on p-sets and projects is essential to the MIT experience, and many faculty members will expect students to have a tablet computer in addition to a laptop so that they can collaborate – in class and elsewhere. To ensure students and TAs are equipped for collaboration, IS&T will loan an Apple iPad and Apple Pencil to any undergraduate student, graduate TA, or faculty member who needs one. For more information, see:

Secure Devices for International Travel

IS&T maintains a pool of computing equipment available for loan to eligible MIT students, faculty, and staff who are traveling outside of the United States. IS&T recommends leaving your standard MIT-issued and personally owned equipment at home and using loaner equipment when traveling internationally.

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October 24, 2023

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