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Commuting Benefits FAQ

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

The Atlas Commuting Benefits application features new enhancements to replace paper form processes. For example, Bicycle Reimbursements, Transit Reimbursements, and vRide Vanpool Subsidy are new applications available in Atlas. For general questions and FAQs specific to the applications, please see below.

Please refer to the Parking and Transportation Office Commuter Connections page for more detailed information on the commuting benefits process and eligibility.

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T-Pass FAQs

1. How do I know if I am eligible for T-Pass?

Generally, if you qualify for commuting benefits and you are not enrolled in full time parking, you are eligible for T-Pass. Please review the T-Pass FAQs on the Facilities Page for more details on T-Pass eligibility.

2. Who can suspend T-Pass?

Staff can suspend T-Pass; students cannot suspend T-Pass.

3. What are the payment options?

Employees can pay for T-Pass via payroll deduction. Students can pay from their student account. Student employees who are graduate students can also use payroll deduction. Undergraduate student employees do not have the payroll deduction option.

Bicycle and Private Transit Reimbursement FAQs

1. I submitted a reimbursement. Why can't I submit another one?

You may only submit one reimbursement request for each reimbursement period. For a bicycle reimbursement, you can only submit one reimbursement request for each year. For transit, you can only submit one reimbursement per month.

2. What are the reimbursement statuses?
Please see the reimbursement statuses table below:


3. How do I know if my submitted reimbursement is approved?

The bicycle and transit reimbursements will be reviewed by the Parking and Transportation office. You will be notified via email if a reimbursement is returned to you for edit or rejected. Approved reimbursements will display an approved icon.

4. What does it mean for my submitted reimbursement to be approved?
The approved status means the Parking and Transportation Office reviewed your reimbursement request and deemed it approved for payment. The reimbursement is then sent to Accounts Payable to process payment. Review your paystubs or wait for a check in the mail to receive payment. To change your reimbursement payment preferences, visit the Direct Deposit Preferences application under Money Matters in Atlas About Me. Approved is the final status for review by the Parking Office. Approved status does not indicate payment status.

vRide Vanpool Subsidy FAQs

1. How do I know my vRide account number? Where do I register for vRide?

Visit the vRide website for information on existing vRides and vRide registration. Once you are registered with vRide, enroll in the vRide Vanpool Subsidy in Atlas Commuting Benefits. Please refer to the Parking and Transportation Office FAQs on the MIT Department of Facilities page for more detailed questions on the vanpool process and eligibility.

2. How do I cancel my vRide Vanpool Subsidy?
You can cancel your vRide Vanpool Subsidy enrollment in Atlas Commuting Benefits. You may need to contact vRide for changes to your specific vanpool.

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