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Adding or Removing users to already archived stellar site

Q: I added or removed a student/TA/instructor from the Membership Module to an archived Stellar site but the permission change did not take effect. Why?


There is an known issue with new membership after a course is archived in relation with Stellar where the membership updates are not coming back down to the course site without re-syncing the site or using legacy Stellar membership.

  1. Go to the Stellar course homepage in legacy Stellar.
  2. Add the user via Membership Module
  3. Go to website settings (you will have to manually adjust the URL in the link since website settings is hidden after a course is archived). So from the course homepage simply add the extension /change/customize.html to end of the site URL. See example link.
  4. To force a sync turn off the setting Use Membership Service.
  5. Next turn on the setting Use Membership Service.
  6. Each time membership is turned on or off a sync occurs with stellar.

If that still does not work proceed with manually adding the user via legacy membership.

  1. Go to website settings.
  2. Turn off the setting Use Membership Service.
  3. Navigate back to the course homepage and select control access to the site from the following yellow box.

  4. Make the necessary changes in legacy membership.
    Use the Control access to this site link, not Membership to add the student/TA/instructor in legacy Stellar.
  5. Go back to the website settings and turn back on Membership Service.

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