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How can I request a permanent reserved IP Address and host name?


MIT students, faculty or staff with valid Kerberos identities may request a permanent reserved IP for use in an MIT building.

These instructions should only be followed if physical hardware exists on campus.
For a reservation of a hostname/domain for a website, a service desk ticket will be needed with:
  1. permanent staff contact
  2. cost object
  3. purpose

Note that reserving name space is not approved automatically.

On this page:

Step 1. Check whether the hostname is already taken on MITnet.

You can do so by:

  1. Submitting a query on an online form
  2. Using the hostinfo command on Athena .
    For example, to find the IP address for a machine with the host name bitsy and the domain name, you could log into Athena, and at the athena% prompt, enter the command
    athena% hostinfo

    If the hostname already exists, you will receive information about the hostname

    Desired host:
    Official name:
    Host address:
    Host info:       DEC/DECSTATION-5000.25/ULTRIX

Step 2. Request for a permanent reserved IP address and host name

Permanent reserved IPs and host names can be requested in a few ways, depending on where the IP address will be used:

On-campus dorm

If the permanent reserved IP address will be used in a dorm by a student, a request should be submitted by filling out the Hostname Request form.

Fraternity, Sorority, or other Living Group (FSILGs)

If the permanent reserved IP address will be used in a Fraternity, Sorority, or other living group (FSILGs), you should speak with the [Network Contact] for your house to have this created.

Academic and other buildings on campus

If the permanent reserved IP Address will be used in an Academic building, the Request 1-4 permanent reserved IPs form may be used to submit the request.

Note that, among other information, this form asks for a cost object for tracking purposes. As of 2009, IP addresses are no longer charged for. however IS&T will use the cost object and the machine contacts to keep track of the IP addresses. Students should get this information from a contact in their DLC if they do not know it.

Via email

You can also request for IP addresses by sending an email to Be sure to include ALL the following information for each machine that requires an IP address:

Machine vendor:
MAC address:
Operating system:
Machine contact person's email:
Billing contact person's email:
Two suggested hostnames:
Institute cost object (account number) for tracking purposes:

Information must be complete and submitted in either plain text or Microsoft Excel format.

Step 3. Seeking help

If you need help regarding IP addresses, host names, or connecting devices to MITnet, you can contact the IS&T Service Desk

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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December 15, 2021

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  1. Aug 31, 2021

    > If the permanent reserved IP address will be used in a Fraternity, Sorority, or other living group (FSILGs), you should speak with the [Network Contact] for your house to have this created.

    AFAIK, while Net Contacts can still create host records and assign IPs, we can only do that for net-10 IPs, not public-facing net-18 IPs. It seems like this page could be clearer about that.

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