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Q: How can I increase my MIT Kerberos account quota?


Before requesting a quota increase, please be sure you have followed the instructions in the the article How can I clean up my locker and get below my quota?.

If you find you still need more space, especially if you're working on a UROP, thesis, or other MIT project, please contact MIT Kerberos Accounts. See How do I contact User Accounts? for more information.

Be sure to include in your message:

  • Your MIT Kerberos account or the name of the locker (if this is not for your home directory)
  • The reason you need more space
  • Approximately how long you will need the additional space for, and
  • An estimate of how much more space you need

Note that there are currently limits to the maximum amount of quota. In general, we cannot increase quota beyond 12 GB for course lockers or 8GB for other lockers. If you need large amounts of space, Please contact Athena User Accounts to discuss your needs.

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June 27, 2016

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