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How can I rotate an item into landscape mode in Latex?

If you wish to rotate one item (a table, or a figure or something), follow these steps.

1. Copy the  rotcapt.sty file from  /mit/consult/lib/tex/macros
   and the   rotate.sty  file from  /mit/consult/lib/tex/macros to the
   directory where your LaTeX files are.  For example:

        attach consult
        cp /mit/consult/lib/tex/macros/rotate.sty ~/
        cp /mit/consult/lib/tex/macros/rotcapt.sty ~/

2. Add the line  


   after your \documentclass line. 

3. Use the \rotate command to rotate the table or figure you want
   rotated. e.g.

        \begin{tabular}{|r|l|} \hline
        1 & 2\\ \hline
        3& 4\\ \hline



If you wish to center the box on the page, use the \centerline command:

        \begin{tabular}{|r|l|} \hline
        1 & 2\\ \hline
        3& 4\\ \hline

4. For a caption in a table or figure environment that is rotated use the
   \rcaption command instead of \caption.  This will put the caption at
   the right hand side (or bottom) of the page.

   \rcaption takes 2 arguments: the caption and the width of the caption.
   The width should be same as the width of the table or figure. e.g.

        \rcaption{17 angels dancing on the head of a pin.}{5in}

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